Sir Malcolm Sargent


Born Harold Malcolm Watts Sargent in Stamford, Lincs 1895, Sir Malcolm started his musical career as an keyboard player, taking his the age of 16 and becoming a church organist. He studied piano under the great Benno Moiseiwitch, but in his late 20s turned to the orchestra. He became director of the Courtauld/Sargent concerts, held from 1929 -1940, and of the famous Robert Mayer Children’s Concerts.

His principal appointments included the Halle Orchestra (1939), the Liverpool Philharmonic (1942), and the BBC Symphony (1950-7). He remained as chief conductor of the Henry Wood Promenade Concerts for many years. Knighted in 1947, he died in London in 1967.

Sargent leaves a rich recorded legacy, the vast majority of recordings made for EMI. We are delighted to name Sir Malcolm, albeit posthumously, a “divine artist”.