Vratza Philharmonic Wind Quintet


Svilen Simeonov, clarinet: graduated from Varna Music College and obtained a Masters degree in music at the Bulgarian Musica Academy, Sofia. 1992-1994 he was a principal in the Lisbon Symphony Orchestra and is now a teacher at the Bulgarian Musical Academy “P. Vladigerov”, Sofia and Head of “International Cultural Relations” Sofia Municipality.

Ana Ivanova, flute: graduated from State Music Academy, Sofia. Soloist of the State Philharmonic Orchestra – Vratza and as a member of the wind quintet has participated in many recordings. She has several awards from national and international competitions.

Petko Totev, oboe: graduated from the Academy for Music and Dance Arts, Plovdiv in 1990. Played as soloist in the State Philharmonic Orchestra, Vratza and participated in international master classes in Weimar, Germany. Member of the Wind Quintet and as solo recitalist he has made many recordings for CD and radio.

Konstantin Kotzer, bassoon: graduated from the State Music Academy, Sofia and has participated in international master classes; he is a member of the Wind Quintet and also a soloist in the State Music Theater (operetta). He also performs as a recitalist.

Linka Toncheva, horn: graduated from the State Music academy in 1982, she has participated in many international master classes; she is a soloist in the Vrazta Philharmonic Orchestra and member of the Wind Quintet. She also performs as a recitalist and teaches the horn in Vratza.

Peter Belncer, piano: graduated from State Music Academy; he participated in the Collegium for chamber music. For many years has played in the Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra as pianist and taught piano in Greece and currently teaches in the Sofia Music School.