Forthcoming Releases

October 2017

Christmas Card Carols

DDA 25161

Foremost recorder player John Turner, star of many acclaimed recordings, has been composing Christmas Carols for decades and each year sends the score of one out as his seasonal Card. He has now brought together a fine collection of carols, mainly on the Nativity theme which are lovingly performed by soloists and Intimate Voices. Not congregational Carols but a lovingly crafted set of works setting new tunes to ancient texts.

John Turner
October 2017

David Braid: Songs, Solos and Duos

MSV 28575

A fascinating new album (currently scheduled for November) with a new set of works by Welsh composer David Braid featuring the velvet tone of the electric archtop guitar in a chamber, solo and vocal setting; also includes Braid’s evocative duos for flute/classical guitar and clarinet/piano – plus his 1st Piano Sonata: an eclectic range of recent works from the one of the UK’s most original yet approachable composers, performed by a dynamic set of world-class players.

David Braid
October 2017

France Revisited: Music for Piano Duo

DDA 25132

New ‘Divine Artists’ but with a long and successful career, Robert Stoodley and Linda Ang Stoodley are “Piano à Deux” and present a suitably Gallic programme of Debussy, Poulenc and Georges Onslow – music both very familiar and refreshingly new. Due for release in 2017.

Piano à Deux
October 2017

Madeleine Mitchell: Violin Muse

DDA 25160

A fabulous collection of lyrical contemporary works by leading British composers: Geoffrey Poole, David Matthews, Michael Berkeley, Judith Weir, Michael Nyman, Sadie Harrison and Guto Puw. Music for violin/ piano, two violins and Puw’s wonderful Violin Concerto.

Madeleine Mitchell
November 2017

ANDREAS WILLSCHER: Organ Symphonies 19 & 20

DDA 25162

Following the first in his Willscher series, Carson Cooman turns to two brand new Symphonies, composed in 2017, together with the much earlier ‘The Beatitudes’.  Works of great variety, ideal organ spectaculars showing why Willscher is a natural successor to the great Germanic tradition of organ composition.

Andreas Willscher
November 2017

Carson Cooman - The Cloak with the Stars

DDA 25159

The sixth volume of this series of organ music, which is attracting more and more praise with each instalment. (Volume 7 will be out in early 2018)

Performed once again by the exceptional Erik Simmons.

Erik Simmons
November 2017


MSV 28574

A splendid program of works for solo violin and violin/viola duo are played with customary virtuosity by Peter Sheppard Skaerved and Diana Mathews. Composer Michael Alec Rose has brought genius to the challenges of writing extended works for a solo/duo of ‘high-voice’ instruments.

Michael Alec Rose
March 2018

Out of the Shadows: Music by Nan Schwartz

DDA 25165
Sample: audio sample to follow

Nan Schwartz,  5-time Grammy nominee and 7-time Emmy nominee, is without doubt America’s foremost woman composer with many iconic film scores and jazz masterpieces to her credit; but her concert music has remained hidden until now with the premier recording of her orchestral gems. The Synchron Stage Orchestra, Vienna, is conducted by Kevin Purcell.  Also on this album is the Concerto for Orchestra by Brenton Broadstock – an homage to Miles Davis. Sure to be one of 2018’s iconic and seminal recordings.

Nan Schwartz

More To Come Soon:

"Sappho, Shropshire and Supertramp" (2CD)

DDA 21300

The title reflects the wide range of titles on this double album of English art-song presented in conjunction with the English Poetry & Song Society.   Twelve composers are represented; performers are soprano Sarah Leonard, baritone Johnny Herford and pianist Nigel Foster.    The release has been held up by the complex work involved in tracing the authors and their representatives for permissions to print the texts but now we hope to schedule release for the first quarter of 2018.

Sarah Leonard

A new anthology of Lieder

MSV 28567

We welcome back Clare and David Lesser whose  most recent album, of songs by Michael Finnissy, drew immense praise. This time the program includes one item each from Michael Finnissy, David Lesser, Sergei Prokofiev and Wolfgang Rihm but its main focus is on three cycles from Heinz Holliger; most of the works are receiving their first recordings.

Clare Lesser

Beethoven: the Complete Piano Sonatas

DDA 21901

All 32 sonatas in a 9CD box, performed by Tamami Honma, will be one of our priority releases in the next year or so.

While core repertoire is not our main priority, sometimes an interpreter comes along with fresh perspectives as well as technical skill, and we hear ‘the divine art of music’ in reality.

Tamami Honma

Brian Ferneyhough: Piano Music

MSV 28518

Following the success and critical praise for our recent CDs of chamber and choral music by Ferneyhough, we here have some of his outstanding and awesomely complex piano works, played by Ian Pace (pictured). This disc has been delayed by matters out of our hands but we hope to schedule it in the near future.

Ian Pace

Carson Cooman "Owl Night"

DDA 25163

Volume 7 of the Cooman organ music series scheduled for around March 2018, as ever a varied, original and inspired set of works, played by Erik Simmons.

Erik Simmons

Christopher Fox - Complete music for Clarinet

MSV 28573

Eclectic, iconic and individual – all descriptions which explain why Christopher Fox  is one of our favorite composers, as with him you can take nothing for granted.  Here is everything that Fox has written for clarinet (so far) and that includes the full family from E flat soprano to the contrabass, all played by the exciting Canadian clarinetist Heather Roche.

Christopher Fox

English Piano Trios

DDA 25158

At last the world is discovering that England was not a musical desert after Purcell -and further proof is provided by a program of piano trios, by composers of whom only one is a household name, but all of whom write fine works;  Rosalind Ellicott, Samuel Coleridge-Taylor, Henry Waldo Warner and CCliffe Forrester.  Performed by Trio Anima Mundi, one of Australia’s brightest ensembles (see also Romantic Piano Trios on DDA 25102)

Trio Anima Mundi

Eric Craven: Entangled States

MSV 28571

Astonishing masterpiece of contemporary complexity in Eric Craven’s unique “non-prescriptive” method. Realised and performed by the genius that is Mary Dullea.

Mary Dullea

Galuppi: Piano Sonatas, Vol. 4

DDA 25103

It’s quite a while since volume 3 of this series was issued, and this one recorded. The pianist has had a rather busy time performing around the world, but this long-awaited disc is now scheduled for 2017.

Peter Seivewright

John Buckley - Choral Music

MSV 28576

John Buckley is a leading composer from Ireland whose  works have appeared on two Metier releases lately to  positive notes from the critics.  Coming in 2018 is an album devoted wholly to his choral music, performed by the renowned Mornington Singers.

John Buckley

Music for Saxophone Quartet

MSV 28578

Proving again that Manchester is the hotbed of new music in the UK!  A program of music for saxophones by Richard Whalley and Kevin Malone, both of whom are already represented in the Metier catalog, and played by the Ebonit Saxophone Quartet.


Kevin Malone

New Music for a New Oboe, Vol. 2

MSV 28531

The first ‘New Oboe’ disc, msv28529, issued mid 2013, featured two epic new works by Michael Finnissy and Edwin Roxburgh, while the second, msv 28531, will include new pieces by Richard Barrett and Sam Hayden and other brand new compositions. These albums also feature two brand new instruments: the Howarth-Redgate oboe and the Lupophon, so should be of interest to all oboists.

Christopher Redgate

Orchestral Music by Marcus Blunt

MSV 28570

Acclaimed British composer Marcus Blunt presents his Piano Concerto (with pianist Murray McLachlan), Concertino for Bassoon (soloist Lesley Wilson), Aspects of Saturn and Symphony No. 2. The Manchester Camerata is conducted by Stephen Threlfall. 
All these works are receiving their first recording.

Marcus Blunt

Russian Piano Music Vol. 13:Rachmaninov

DDA 25155

Alfonso Soldano returns to Russian repertoire (by critical acclaim!) with Rachmaninov’s First Sonata, Moments Musicaux, and other works.

Alfonso Soldano

Russian Piano Music Vol. 14:Tchaikovsky

DDA 25156

Alfonso Soldano brings Tchaikovsky to the Russian piano series with the Grand Sonata, Op. 37; the Romance Op. 5, 6 pieces op.19 and Berceuse (Op. 72/2)

Alfonso Soldano

Russian Piano Music Vol. 15: Prokofiev

DDA 25157

For the second Prokofiev album in our series, we welcome brilliant young Italian pianist Stefania Argentieri who will include the First and Sixth Sonatas, 4 Etudes, op. 2 and other works.

Stefania Argentieri

Songs by Ives and Cowell

MSV 28577

Irish-American mezzo Aylish Kerrigan delights in the challenges of modern repertoire and has attracted fabulous reviews for her two recent Metier  recordings – now she adapts to the quirky and personal worlds of Charles Ives and Henry Cowell,  true mavericks in mainstream music, with a splendid program of songs.

Aylish Kerrigan

Sonic Fictions

MSV 28564

American composer Joshua Fineberg is known for his spectacular ‘spectral’ piano works (msv 28524) and we are delighted to present a new anthology of chamber works.

All these works are receiving their first recording.

Joshua Fineberg

Symphonic Visions

MSVDX 99103

From the hand of multi-talented composer Ed Hughes, whose chamber music and operas have been highly acclaimed (see Metier catalog) comes a unique DVD showcasing his music for silent film. Not only does this include his new scores for vintage movies ‘The Nose’ and ‘Journey to the Moon’, and historic Royal Air Force footage, but also an extened score for the new film ‘Symphony of a City’ – a moviemontage of the city of Brighton.

Ed Hughes