New Music from Basil Athanasiadis

‘Soft Light’, the new album from Basil Athanasiadis, will be a fascinating mix of Greek and Japanese influences. Athanasiadis’ works are characterized by a strong visual identity, brought to life on this album by the ensemble Shonorities. Our CEO, Stephen Sutton, is “delighted to have signed a composer with such a unique and exotic blend of styles”.

Athanasiadis studied at the National Conservatoire of Athens and in the UK at Trinity College of Music, Royal Academy of Music, and Canterbury Christ Church University. He explored Japanese and Western instruments as a Special Foreign Researcher at the Tokyo University of the Arts and has previously released three CDs with Sargasso Records. His scores are published by United Music Publishing Ltd. and Oxford University Press.

Shonorities, founded by Athanasiadis, is a diverse group of performers and composers committed to promoting a range of repertoire that encompasses a wide spectrum of musical styles including old, contemporary and traditional pieces. By blending a variety of musical cultures, Shonorities aims to show the potential of the cross cultural collaboration in the contemporary music creation. The collaboration with choreographers and dancers, lighting designers and the inclusion of electronics enhance the performance experience. The unity of the concerts is achieved by introducing a theme that underscores the repertoire.

Shonorities personnel on this recording: Shie Shoji (voice); Naomi Sato (sh­ō and soprano saxophone); Stelios Chatsiiosifidis (violin); Lin Lin (flute); Jasmina Samssuli (piano)

To be released in mid 2018 on MSV 28584.