Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Piano Music


Available 15 September, 2017
Catalogue No: DDA 25152
EAN/UPC: 809730515224
Release Date: September 2017
Discs: 1

Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco is best known for two things – his evocative guitar music, and his work during his long association with the movie industry in Hollywood, where he produced some amazing scores though never quite receiving the fame of his compatriot Nino Rota. His extensive body of piano music has been largely neglected despite the fact that it is exceptional, impressionistic, and in the best post-Romantic tradition of ‘lighter’ music – though only relatively ‘light’ in that it is written in traditional harmony. Never shallow, but highly suggestive of moods, emotions, places and colors. Many of the works in this album are receiving their first recording.

Alfonso Soldano is a brilliant Italian pianist, the last and highly- regarded pupil of Aldo Ciccolini whose debut recording (piano music of Sergei Bortkiewicz) attracted worldwide acclaim. He is naturally attuned to the Romantic which makes him an ideal interpreter of this music. He has just been appointed Artistic Director of the Aldo Ciccolini Academy in Trani, Italy.

Track Listing

    Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco

  1. Notturno in Hollywood*
  2. Alt Wien, Op. 30
  3. Vitalba e Biancospino, Op. 21
  4. Cantico, Op. 39
  5. Sonatina Zoolologica, Op. 187 – I. Libellule*
  6. Sonatina Zoolologica, Op. 187 – II. Chiocciola*
  7. Sonatina Zoolologica, Op. 187 – III. Lucertolina*
  8. Sonatina Zoolologica, Op. 187 – IV. Formiche*
  9. 2 Film Etudes, Op. 67 – I. Charlot
  10. 2 Film Etudes, Op. 67 – II. Topolino
  11. Cielo di Settembre, Op. 1
  12. Piedigrotta 1924, Op. 32 – I. Tarantella
  13. Piedigrotta 1924, Op. 32 – II. Notte ‘e Luna
  14. Piedigrotta 1924, Op. 32 – III. Calasciunate
  15. Piedigrotta 1924, Op. 32 – IV. Voce Luntana
  16. Piedigrotta 1924, Op. 32 – V. Lariula

*Premiere recordings


Rafael Music Notes

“Nicely packaged, splendidly engineered, intelligently annotated and, most important, played to perfection by Alfonso Soldano, the album is a gem – one cannot help but marvel at the variety of moods in this ever-changing music. Alfonso Soldano proves himself a masterful interpreter of this music… [he] is a pianist of the first order and his Castelnuovo-Tedesco album a thing to treasure.” – Rafael de Acha (Rafael Music Notes)

” —Rafael de Acha