Sappho, Shropshire and Super-Tramp – English Art Song


Catalogue No: DDA 21230
EAN/UPC: 809730123023
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Release Date: January 2018
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Discs: 2
Total Playing Time: 156:43 (77:36 / 79:07)

The title ‘Sappho, Shropshire and Super-Tramp’ reflects three major threads (though not all) in this exceptional album of new English art-song made with the English Poetry and Song Society.

Shropshire is represented by several settings from Housman’s ‘A Shropshire Lad’ which has been among the most popular sets of poems for composers since its publication in 1896. From the ancient world, Sappho’s writings were set by Ivor Gurney, recently discovered, edited and published by Richard Carder.

Super-Tramp is the exceptional hobo-turned-gentleman poet W.H. Davies.

Altogether 12 composers and 52 songs, some in cycles and some stand-alone items, make this a feast of new and fascinating work for the song lover. Performed by top soloists Sarah Leonard and Johnny Herford, accompanied by Nigel Foster, who has been described as ‘today’s Gerald Moore’.

Track Listing

Ivor Gurney (1890-1937): Seven Sappho Songs

    1. 1. Soft was the wind
    2. 2. I shall ever be maiden
    3. 3. The Apple Orchard
    4. 4. Hesperus
    5. 5. Love shakes my soul
    6. 6. The Quiet Mist
    7. 7. Lonely Night

William Carnell (b.1938): A Country Lover

    1. 1. O see how thick the goldcup flowers
    2. 2. If truth in hearts
    3. 3. Bredon Hill
    4. 4. Along the field
    5. 5. White in the moon the long road lies
    6. 6. There pass the careless people

Michael Watts (b. 1937): Gypsy Girl

    1. 1. Green eyes
    2. 2. Silver sighs
    3. 3. I would rather die
    4. 4. Remember my eyes
    5. 5. If a cold wind comes
    6. 6. If you’re the light
    7. 7. When it’s snowing in the serranas

Dennis Wickens (b. 1926): This Life

    1. 1. A Greeting
    2. 2. The Example
    3. 3. The Rain
    4. 4. Leisure
    5. 5. In the Country
    6. 6. This Night
    7. 7. The Lonely Dreamer

Simon Willink (1929-2015):

    1. Sea and Sky

David Crocker (b. 1943):

    1. A Great Time
    2. My Whole World

Sulyen Caradon (b. 1942):

    1. Silver

Brian Daubney (b. 1929):

    1. Bredon Hill
    2. Boot and Saddle
    3. Because I could not stop for death
    4. The Dream-City
    5. Waiting Both

Graham Garton (b. 1929):

    1. Leisure
    2. The Eagle
    3. The Song of the Secret
    4. The Shade-Catchers

Frank Harvey (b. 1939):

    1. Dawn
    2. The Convergence of the Twain
    3. I so liked spring
    4. Remember

Robert Hugill (b. 1955):

    1. Voyages III
    2. Gitanjali XIII
    3. Gitanjali II
    4. The Pillar

Janet Oates (b. 1970):

  1. Bee: Dance
  2. Money
  3. The King of China’s Daughter
  4. The Cupboard


MusicWeb International

An interesting and enterprising set, celebrating English Art Songs by less well-known composers. The booklet is very detailed, containing information about the Society, together with biographies and full song texts.

” —Jim Westhead
The Chronicle

One of the charms of the CD is the intellectual curiosity it creates, not only in the music but in the subjects it tackles… it sparkles in its own intellectual way. Leonard and Herford are excellent.

” —Jeremy Condliffe
New Classics

The title of this exciting new album, ‘Sappho, Shropshire and Super-Tramp’, reflects three major threads of new English art-song. Spread over two discs, these 52 songs, some in cycles and some stand-alone items, make this a feast of new and fascinating work for the song lover.

” —John Pitt
MusicWeb International

A potpourri of fascinating music. Both Sarah Leonard and Johnny Herford bring considerable skill, magic and understanding to this music. The piano part is well-executed by Nigel Foster. This is an excellent exploration of (mainly) contemporary English art-song, and goes a long way to prove that the genre is alive and well in the early 21st century.

” —John France