SET for Piano by Eric Craven


Catalogue No: BML130

Eric Craven has until recently been fairly described as an unknown composer – except for a small circle of musicians in his NorthWest England homeland. His works, performed to private and professional gatherings, have drawn much praise, and his ‘outing’ as a serious and talented composer was achieved with the recording of SET and then his Piano Sonatas. Coupled with the fine premiere recording of this unique work by Mary Dullea (Metier MSV 28525) we are honored to present the first of Eric’s works in published edition. He writes in a moderately tonal idiom but one which looks forward and is not ‘traditional’ in any way. This set of twelve pieces is partly in Craven’s “non-prescriptive” style where in parts 1-11, the note values are fixed but the player may control tempo and dynamics; in Twelve, only the pitches are set and the performer has a great deal of latitude in expression and interpretation. A short guide to performance is printed in each score.

The full score and parts are published in A4 page size which can be printed on US Letter size paper.