Sonnets, Airs and Dances


Catalogue No: DDA 25131
EAN/UPC: 809730513121
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Release Date: March 2016
Genres: , , ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 71:21

British composer Philip Wood writes in a beautifully lyrical and melodic style which is totally accessible, Here his work is profiled by top soloists in vocal and chamber works of great variety.

Track Listing

    Philip Wood:

  1. I. Sonnets, Airs and Dances − 1. Oh, my blacke Soule! (3:25)
  2. II. Sonnets, Airs and Dances − 2. Forlana (2:00)
  3. III. Sonnets, Airs and Dances − 3. Come away, come, sweet Love (3:19)
  4. IV. Sonnets, Airs and Dances − 4. Now is my Chloris fresh as May (2:32)
  5. V. Sonnets, Airs and Dances − 5. Sarabande (2:27)
  6. VI. Sonnets, Airs and Dances − 6. O soft embalmer of the still midnight (3:19)
  7. I. Five Spring Songs − 1. The Happy Cuckoo (1:16)
  8. II. Five Spring Songs − 2. Song of the Blackbird (1:55)
  9. III. Five Spring Songs − 3. English Idyll – A green cornfield (2:06)
  10. IV. Five Spring Songs − 4. Waters above (2:50)
  11. V. Five Spring Songs − 5. When as the rye (1:03)
  12. I. Two Motets − I. Ave verum corpus (2:29)
  13. II. Two Motets − II. Ave Maria (2:17)
  14. I. Partita for Recorder and Cello − I. Aubade (5:41)
  15. II. Partita for Recorder and Cello − II. Chacony (3:23)
  16. III. Partita for Recorder and Cello − III. Capriccio (2:32)
  17. IV. Partita for Recorder and Cello − IV. Nocturne (5:54)
  18. V. Partita for Recorder and Cello − V. Moto perpetuo (1:57)
  19. I. Aria, Recitative and Rondo − I. Quan lo rossinhols excria (2:32)
  20. II. Aria, Recitative and Rondo − II. Riddle (2:14)
  21. III. Aria, Recitative and Rondo − III. Amo, amas (2:10)
  22. A Lonsdale Dance (3:30)
  23. I. Concertino for Recorder and String Quartet − I. Adagio non troppo (6:19)
  24. II. Concertino for Recorder and String Quartet − II. Allegro con brio (3:29)



fabulous introduction to this composer’s music, in that it manages to be both highly personal, with a recognisable identity, whilst universal in a way for which the simplest formula is: if you love music you should love what Dr Wood and his world-class colleagues do here.

” —Plom de Nume Rob
American Recorder

The music on this beautiful Divine Art release stands in the mainstream English musical idiom well-known in the works of Malcolm Arnold, and aesthetically related to the pastoral sound of Ralph Vaughan Williams. The Partita is a stunning work for recorder and cello. This disc provides high audio quality, and the CD package is very well designed. The notes by the composer invite the listener into the pieces. The enunciation of Bowman and Rogers is so clear that the inclusion of song texts in the booklet is almost unnecessary.

” —Tom Bickley
Music For All Seasons

A most gifted composer… 71 minutes of sheer delight … utterly clear, undistorted, intimately comforting sound. The musicians serve this beautiful music with a neat mix of flair and accuracy coupled to that elusive style so difficult to imitate, so impossible to pin down, so quintessentially English.

” —Rafael de Acha

The writing is always concise and well made, and the manner is generally genial… Wood has succeeded admirably with this appealing music.

” —Carson Cooman

[The Concertino is] an enjoyable and approachable work that deserves a place in the concerted recorder repertoire. There is a simplicity [in the Motets] that is both moving and inspirational. They are beautifully sung by Lesley-Jane Rogers.This significant work [(Aria, Recitative and Rondo)] is ideally suited to Bowman’s fabulous voice. The sound quality of this Divine Art disc is clear and vibrant. The playing by all the performers is, as would be expected, absolutely splendid. Special commendation goes to John Turner’s superb recorder playing and Lesley-Jane Rogers’ delightful soprano voice.

” —John France
Recorder Magazine

Woods’s own characteristic musical language is ever present, especially in his writing for the voice. Philip Wood is a composer who displays his craft and inspiration in music of considerable appeal; the musicians on this CD are clearly at one with his musical creativity, and give fine performances of considerable insight and commitment – highly recommended.

” —Andrew Mayes
Gapplegate Classical Modern Music

Music that lies firmly and delightfully in the neo-classical camp, with a pronounced sort of late renaissance/baroque-meets-modern feel. Wood is a new voice who carries on with music that captures the English countryside as the English composers are fond of capturing it – regenerative, idyllic, like Hardy’s Wessex, only without his ultimately tragic outlook. Performances are first-rate and the music transcends some of our weary, dreary present! Recommended!

” —Grego Edwards