Vale: New Music for Flute


Catalogue No: MSV 28540
EAN/UPC: 809730854026
Artists: , ,
Composers: , , , , ,
Release Date: July 2017
Genres: , ,
Discs: 1
Total Playing Time: 60:51

“The flute is one of the instruments closest to the audible human breath and is caught in the process of continually becoming something other than a metal cylinder. Listening to Richard Craig’s playing, one becomes aware not of the limitations of the flute but of its expansion into a vibrant sonic biosphere. We listen, not just to the flute, but to the flautist; singing, whistling, humming are added to his palette and become integrated with the sound of the instrument.” —John Hails, from the CD booklet

Richard Craig has established a leading position in the new music world for his virtuosity and skill in traditional and newer techniques on all members of the flute family. Here he presents a challenging and fascinating diverse group of contemporary works by British, American, French and Swedish composers – some are solos, which present even more challenges to the player – others with voice or chamber ensemble.

Vocalist Cora Schmeiser is from the Netherlands and works in early/medieval music, jazz and contemporary and electronic music.

Distractfold Ensemble is a British group of high stature, having been ensemble in residence at Harvard University in 2016 – this year they are back in the USA but at Stanford. The ensemble can vary its personnel and here is a string trio: Linda Jankowska (violin); Emma Richards (viola); Alice Purton (cello)

Track Listing

    Evan Johnson

  1. émoi
  2. Esaias Järnegard

  3. Psalm
  4. Fabrice Fitch

  5. Agricola IX
  6. Richard Barrett

  7. Vale
  8. John Croft: Deux méditations d’une furie

  9. I. par cette vie infirme et vacillante
  10. II. Ô phosphorescence
  11. Brice Pauset

  12. Eurydice



Some of the music on flautist Richard Craig’s second Métier disc might simply be called post-everything. When there’s no tonality, no atonality, no melody and few pitches, what exactly is left? Quite a lot, as it happens – and therein lies the interest. Such technically complex, ‘post-everything’ music paradoxically brings us back to a primal, at times ecstatic state of Fauvist force. Craig owns the works here. The warmth of his tone along with a reverberant room sound, while taking nothing away from the compositions’ severity, succeeds in making them approachable.

” —Liam Cagney
MusicWeb International

The performances appear to me to be brilliant. This is an interesting exploration of modern music for flute, voice and other instruments. It is certainly avant-garde: it is never off-putting.

” —John France