Anthony Goldstone  waited over 19 years for the issue of this Schubert box, which in the end he did not live to see, having died in January 2017 during completion work on the project.

Together with his partner Caroline Clemmow, he leaves behind a truly herculean work in which much ‘heart-blood’ is heard.  It is difficult to understand how much wonderful music Franz Schubert wrote in his short life – but these works for piano four hands could fill a whole biography.

No less admirable is the perseverance of Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow – their concentrated playing, the youthful freshness and even carefree spirit that they elicit from this music; a spontaneity that never subsides. Anthony Goldstone and Caroline Clemmow invested a lot of dedication and talent in this exceptional project. A nice tribute to Schubert as well as to the pianist Anthony Goldstone.

—Guy Engels