Albion Magazine

This is a two-disc set, but it is only the opening work on the first disc that concerns us: Hurlstone’s Piano Trio in G Major , a work composed in 1905. At times in the first movement, Allegro Moderato , it is reminiscent of Brahms, whilst its third movement Molto Vivace could be described as “elfin.” The performance here is a convincing one, with a generally warm and lyrical reading of the Trio. I have a few small quibbles – pianist Kenji Fujimara needs to give more to the bass, as the texture is not quite properly underpinned, whilst violinist Miranda Brockman’s sound is slightly brittle and, in the second movement Andante in particular, comes over as rather constricted. Otherwise, this is a version that I am happy to recommend.

—Em Marshall-Luck