American Record Guide

Loges is yet another of the up-and-coming baritones making a reputation in the area of lieder. This is far from his first recording, but it seems to be the first song recital completely on his own. Unlike most of his fellow baritones Loges has a voice that is deep and rich, with no colors to suggest he is a tenor; rather, he keeps the baritone weight in his upper ranges and mixes in very little head voice. (And he avoids the optional high notes in Dichterliebe.) Loges does not bring a wide range of color to his singing, but the quality is very beautiful, and his is very responsive to his texts through diction and dynamics. Alexander Schmalcz is a very fine accompanist, and the balance between singer and piano is very good.

The program includes Schumann’s famous Dichterliebe and 18 additional songs by Schumann, Franz and Brahms. The Franz selections are all based on Heine poems that are part of Schumann’s cycle, thus pointing out very nicely the difference between Franz’s beautiful, lyrical style and Schumann’s more rhetorical, psychological approach. The Brahms songs include the wonderful ‘Meine Liebe ist Grün’, which is a good match or Loges’ timbre, and all of opus 49 (including the incomparable ‘Wiegenlied’, a song heard too much on music boxes and too little in recital).

This is a great release all around, including the lengthy, informative notes. Texts and translations are included.