American Record Guide

Andreeva’s textbook playing marks her com¬pendium of preludes from different com¬posers. Though a straightforward approach is often appropriate for Baroque-infused works such as these, her interpretations often suffer from lack of verve. The Bach Prelude and Fugue is on the slow side. The Prelude is too affected for my taste, and the Fugue feels a lit¬tle too labored.

Though rests and rhythms are followed impeccably in her playing of the Franck, his rich harmonies and dense textures deserve more luxurious, expansive treatment, and I want to hear a better sense of the musi¬cal lines. The Rachmaninoff also misses a sweeping sound—I hear details I’d rather not, such as every single subdivision in the left hand.

Her sound is spacious and atmospheric, which does work well for these works, espe¬cially the Franck.

—San Woo Kang