American Record Guide

Philip Henderson’s programmatic release begins with what may be the strongest work. The Hop-Picker’s Daughter is a beautiful, energetic piece of music filled with character and excitement. It tells its story so well that my mind’s translation of the music was actually what was declared in the liner notes. Generally, this would relate to the use of over-used tropes and tired ideas; but, though there are musical signposts, it sounds fresh. It has an energy often found in musical theater granted by tonal shifts and dramatic pacing. Sea Voices embodies this excited energy as well. It tells the story of a young man as he travels across the harsh Atlantic to the shores of opportunity in New York. ‘New York Sing Me’ is the hope-filled end of the journey and includes vocals The recordings of all the pieces, except An English Horn in New York, really bring the performers closer to the listener; and the strings may have been amplified to achieve this result.

—Kraig Lamper