American Recorder

English recorderist John Turner continues to impress with his interpretations of music by living composers and his ability to present the recorder in its rightful place as a modern instrument . These two releases from UK Label Metier [referring also to MSV28522] present Turner’s work with three composers of tuneful, mainstream chamber music.

Deserving particular note is the double-disc set White Dawn . A strong connection exists between all music and the natural soundscape of our planet. Australian composer David Lumsdaine’s work makes this connection very clear, and this set provides thoroughly enjoyable demonstration of that. Ideally, one would listen to this along with a recording of the 18 th century repertory from The Bird Fancyer’s Delight.

n White Dawn listeners are treated to five beautifully engineered recordings of the Australian soundscape, interspersed with works for recorder, voice, piano, cello and chamber ensemble. Most remarkable is the work Metamorphosis at Mullet Creek for solo sopranino, which follows Australian Soundscape V: Hunting a Crested Bellbird for Dr Gilbert at Palm Creek .

—Tom Bickley