Christopher Fox’s composition, More Light, begins with dancing figures that gradually break down and are replaced, after a brief pause, by others that are, at first, similar, and then after a while are not. Gradually these are reduced to a small compass of pitches, fractured and naggingly repetitive, which are followed once again by a measure of silence. The next section moves at what one could call ‘Feldman tempo’ (the slow material in this piece is dedicated to him). During its 23-minute timespan, the various sections of More Light change and change again, sometimes evolutionarily, sometimes abruptly and without precedent, always interestingly. The CD contains two other large compositions: Prime Site , which is harmonically ambiguous and structurally complex (there is no narrative, so to speak, and – if I’ve understood it correctly – as the music progresses in its alzheimer-like fashion it retains a vivid memory only of what occurred barely a moment ago, and of a more distant, ‘historical’ memory), and More things in the air than are visible , all three movements of which are markedly different in character. This last point is true of the shorter pieces, too. Ian Pace plays this powerful but almost unfathomable music with great sensitivity. The sleeve notes by Pace and Fox could hardly be better, and I’m bound to say I’m looking forward to the companion volume that Metier has promised.

—Unknown reviewer