This is the second volume in Divine Art’s complete survey of Galuppi piano sonatas, an important area of compositions that have been overlooked in favour of other more popular keyboard masters such as Scarlatti et al.

Seivwright is an enthusiastic and technically accomplished pianist and he plays with great conviction and flair in all the sonatas presented here. Most are two movement works with the F minor and F major in three movements. This is pleasant listening from first note to last and followers of piano literature will obviously have a ball istening to the works unfold one after the other.

As usual, Stephen Sutton’s production and general ‘feel’ has imparted a top class product. The fastidiously detailed notes by Seivwright himself make for essential reading for all pianophiles and the recording, at the Matt Thomson Concert Hall in Surrey is beyond reproach. Those who have bought Volume 1 will obviously grab this and for newcomers to Galuppi, just grab both volumes and await the third with relish!

—Gerald Fenech