Obviously, most music lovers are familiar with this symphony, one of the most magnificent Tchaikovskian creations but this arrangement for four hands will strike you like a bomb! Goldstone and Clemmow play the Tanayev arrangement to the manner born and they also manage to bring a subtle intimacy to the music that is really wonderful. The wonderful Andante takes on an almost Chopinesque like harmony whilst the rumbustious Finale is an astonishing ‘tour-de-force’.

The ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is, if anything, more successful than the symphony with its wonderful melodies and dashing dialogue between the two pianists. I was completely taken aback by the intricacy of Mme Rimsky Korsakov’s arrangement; maybe we could now have the Scheherazade on two pianos please? Divine Art’s pristine presentation, copious notes and a stunning recording is certainly a combination for a winner. Lovers of piano music and such fantastic arrangements alike cannot fail to garner huge enjoyment out of this superb disc.

—Gerald Fenech