This two CD set contains some beautiful and highly accessible music. CD1 is a collection of settings of Greek poetry.

“Poetry written in Greek constitutes the longest uninterrupted tradition in the Western World. From Homer to the present day not a single generation of Greeks has lived without expressing its joys and sorrows in verse, and frequently in verse of outstanding originality and beauty. It is Greek poetry which has given the world the various poetic genres in which Western man has expressed his emotions and so many of his thoughts to the present day; and in many of these genres – the epic, the lyric and the dramatic – the achievements of the Greeks have yet to be superseded.” – Professor C. A. Trypanis in The Penguin Book of Greek Verse.

CD2 features a collection of pieces for a variety of combinations of chamber musicians, all inspired by the history and natural beauty of Cyprus – among them Mount Olympus – or Chionistra as it is known locally. Cilia studied at the Vienna Academy and the Royal Academy of Music in London. She furthered her studies privately under Harold Craxton and Kendall Taylor. Unfortunately, her playing came to an abrupt end in 2002 after major surgery. When she finally realised that performance could no longer be part of her life, she started to look through her compositions.

The first composition she stumbled on was the Lullaby for Soprano and Piano, which brought a smile to her face and encouraged her to type out some of her songs. It is ironic that composition – which had been a much-loved hobby – has now taken centre stage. Through Alison Smart and Lesley-Jane Rogers, she has been introduced to a group of very gifted musicians who seem to have enjoyed learning and recording some of her chamber and vocal music.

—Christina Zve