Glasgow Herald

That intrepid and tireless explorer of pianistic byeways, Anthony Goldstone, is at it again. For his latest adventure, Tzigane, subtitled A Treasury of Gypsy-inspired Music, he has assembled a collection of familiar and unknown pieces that have a connection (albeit sometimes tenuous) with gypsy music. It’s a pot-pourri with pieces ranging from Haydn to Brahms, and from Liszt (the great and neglected Sixth Hungarian Rhapsody, a spectacular barnstormer), to Busoni. The gems are Goldstone’s own arrangement of Kodaly’s Dances of Galanta, which work spectacularly well on keyboard, and fascinating pieces by de Falla, Dohnanyi, and Enescu.

Some purists and anoraked authenticists will no doubt be predictably stuffy about this lot. For the rest of us, it’s a wee goldmine of dazzlingly-played music with a strong Hungarian flavour, a heavily paprika-ed aroma, and containing some spicy and previously undiscovered nuggets.

—Michael Tumelty