International Record Review

Divine Art has issued a particularly attractive CD which comprises all the 78rpm recordings of music by E.J.Moeran. Older collectors will recall fondly the Columbia set of the String Trio with Jean Pougnet, Frederick Riddle and Anthony Pini, and here it is, together with five songs sung by Heddle Nash and John Goss respectively, and above all the Leslie Heward/Hallé set of the Symphony in G minor, the first British Council sponsored recording; incidentally, what caused the Council to give up sponsoring records? Lack of money? Surely not, with the British economy allegedly booming and tax revenues at an all-time high. Whatever the reason, we are forced today to thank the wartime British government and record companies, and Divine Art for rescuing these treasures. The transfers have been well done by Andrew Rose, who correctly claims that Heward’s account of the Symphony is indeed definitive. What a fine orchestra the Hallé was in those days! This is a nice record, not just for collectors.

—Robert Matthew-Walker