Musical Opinion

This is yet another Divine Art special which is almost impossible to describe for the very good reason that it is such good listening and had me inviting friends who are not great concertgoers but will delight in the sheer technical brilliance and wizardry of Guy Touvron and his colleagues in music which they obviously thoroughly enjoyed making together, knowing that their joy was infectious.

The Baroque Trumpet has a delicious blend of purity and fun. It makes a sound which kept listeners happy for generations and here finds the perfect big brother in the multi-coloured, ever individually registered possibilities of the Organ, played with such elegance and human delight by Wolfgang Karius.

There are 39 tracks with music from an obviously carefully chosen collection of composers. These become just more that an hour of 39 unique musical steps and I suggest that after hearing the programme it is worth pushing the Random button!

—Denby Richards