Musical Opinion

This new CD contains the first recording of the version for solo piano of the Fidelio Overture which was done around 1815, as part of the vocal score, the preparation of which Beethoven entrusted to Moscheles. It also contains the first movement repeat of the Pathétique Sonata; from the first bar, not from the main Allegro. Anthony Goldstone makes the most convincing case for this procedure and for those who prefer the conventional repeat, he adds another version of this movement as a bonus track, so listeners can make their own judgement after hearing both versions.

Anthony Goldstone’s playing throughout is splendid; technically most expert and always unfailingly musical and genuinely Beethovenian. Listen to the superb way he plays the second movement of the Appassionata: absolutely compelling. As the recording is very good indeed, and Anthony Goldstone provides his own excellent notes, this exceptionally well-filled CD is very strongly recommended.

—Robert Matthew-Walker