Musical Opinion

Composer Graham Whettam was born in 1927 and in timely anticipation of his 80th birthday next year comes this new disc from Divine Art, all premiere recordings of his music for solo piano and piano duet, played by the Goldstone & Clemmow duo.

The first thing that struck me about this CD is the excellence of the performances; clearly, these very gifted pianists play with a total commitment that is rare in performances of modern music. The second is the consistence of and excellence of the writing for keyboard. In Whettam’s art there are deep aspects of contemplation, occasionally layered with the brilliance of sudden emotive outbursts, which are compelling and which betoken the work of a composer whose music simply had to be.

This may not be music for every day, and, at least in this country, Graham Whettam has not received the attention that his music obviously deserves. I very much hope that this excellent record will go a long way to bring the work of this thoughtful and accomplished creative figure to the attention of a wider musical public.

—Robert Matthew-Walker