Musical Opinion

I put this CD on to play and then asked my husband to tell me when he thought it had been recorded. He said 1960s? The sound is exceptional when you consider what the original material must have been like. There are no hisses or scratches, just clear singing. Georges Thill, who sings Don José, was highly regarded in his day with a repertoire of more than 50 roles. He sang in all the major houses and even appeared in a film. The other singers were mostly stalwarts of Paris’ Opera-Comique but all here in fine voice too.

The informative sleeve notes, written by Divine Art’s own Stephen Sutton, give an extensive background story of Bizet and Camen along with the libretto in both French and English and a lengthy explanation of how the remastering project was undertaken . It’s quite amazing to listen to something recorded nearly 80 years ago and find it as fresh as if it were pressed yesterday. I look forward to hearing more such high quality “blasts from the past” from Divine Art.

—Judith Monk