Musical Opinion

John Ramsay, a Professor of Geology by profession, is also—on the basis of this new CD—a highly talented composer. The informative booklet notes tell us that he has also composed orchestral music, and these four quartets are very well described as ‘excellent examples of post-modernist music, employing no artificial boundaries’—a comment with which one can surely agree. They exhibit genuine qualities of string quartet writing, and all four—quite recent compositions—are most accessible and deserving of attention.

They are by no means superficial or in any way ‘amateur’ compositions. Much of this music would not be abjured by any self-respecting ‘professional’ composer today—and they are all such as to commend themselves to the intelligent music-lover. Of the four quartets, I was particularly impressed by the Second, and I look forward to hearing more of this gifted composer’s other music. Strongly recommended. ****** (five stars awarded)

—Robert Matthew-Walker