Musical Pointers

This is more a musicological exercise – and a very good one – than a piano recital for pleasure. The notes by Anthony Goldstone do credit to his exhaustive research and one has to compliment him on recording all this music with the necessary virtuosity and enormous stamina which is required.

Also praise for his taking the trouble to give us precise track timings for every point he makes (why is it not routine by now?).

But the actual playing on the piano in the church round the corner from his Alkborough village it is rather basic pianism; it would need, say, a Pletnev to bring this orchestral music to life on the piano. The brick walls probably don’t help dampen the rather harsh recorded tone.

So this is one for the Tchaikovsky completist and student; not high on the Goldstone list for collectors of this pianist’s remarkable recorded legacy, which will maintain his presence in catalogues of the distant future.

—Peter Grahame Woolf