Musical Pointers

Having immersed myself in Mussorgsky’s vocal music, and produced an LP of The Nursery etc in original versions, I keenly awaited this, possibly the most important recording in Anthony Goldstone’s series, recorded as usual on his Grotrian piano at the Alkborough village church close by his Lincolnshire home there.

There are many recordings of Pictures from an Exhibition , which Richter considered to be “the most profound masterwork of Russian piano music”, but this one scores by being given in context with other pieces which relate to it. Goldstone plays from Mussorgsky’s own manuscript, including a few variants. There is no let-down; Goldstone is fully equal to this demanding score, and he supplies illuminating notes which, taken together, makes this release an essential purchase for Mussorgsky enthusiasts.

A worthy addition to an important series, strongly recommended even if you have several others, including the Ravel orchestration.

—Peter Grahame Woolf