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Ave atque vale (Hail and Farewell), initially conceived as a solo percussion piece, was recast as a work for solo percussion and orchestra. It dates from 1997, and is in nine continuous episodes, with a total length of 12:15. At first, the percussion is used for color more than for rhythm, and the overall mood is tense and confrontational. The title is associated with Catullus, usually, but I don’t know if this was what Artyomov had in mind. According to the booklet note, “Artyomov is concerned with the gradual coming-together of disparate elements—personified in the various solo instruments.” It’s a good workout for the percussionist—something Evelyn Glennie would sink her teeth into (al¬though Shatayevsky is just fine)—and, as sound, it’s interesting, although I do not get a strong sense of direction from this music.

—John France