New Classics

Thomas Fortmann was born in Switzerland and became a successful songwriter during the 1970s. He studied composition and music theory in Bern, Switzerland, and wrote his first hit at the age of 16. He subsequently released over a hundred other titles in more than 27 countries, working with artists such as Alexis Korner, Love Generation, Dieter Dierks, Cockpit, Su Kramer, Italian singer Daniela Davoli and many others. He also wrote a successful musical, Wilhelm Tell, featuring German rock star Udo Lindenberg in the lead. After ten years, Fortmann turned his back on rock music and dedicated himself to further studies in composition and instrumentation. This album gathers together for the first time all of his works composed for the saxophone, in various combinations. All were written between 1984 and 2008, and show Fortmann’s development as a key composer for the instrument. The outstanding performers include Marco Falaschi (soprano and alto saxophones) and the Berlioz Saxophone Quartet, and the pieces have such intriguing titles as Catholic Blues, Three Piggies in Clover, Pop Oh Kakapitl and A Whale in the Circus (from the stage production ‘Collidis Pinocchio’, with soprano Ruber Marani).

—John Pitt