Nottingham Evening Post

British pianist Goldstone has already completed and recorded unfinished pieces by Schubert, as well as sketches for two pianos by Mozart. Now he turns to Mozart’s incomplete works fro piano solo, including a couple of three-movement sonatas. These works are mostly projects of Mozart’s maturity and the musical gaps have been filled with fragments from the same period.

An Allegro in B flat takes its nickname “Sophie and Constanze” from Mozart’s sister-in-law and wife respectively – whose names the composer inscribed over phrases in his score. This fragment was finished by another hand for the modern Mozart Edition. Goldstone, however, harks back to the sisters’ phrases in his conclusion. In the case of a Prelude in C, he had to supply not the ending but the beginning. There are also dance movements, such as a jig and a sarabande.

All the material is restored with love, style and skill. ××××