Kenneth Smith, solo flute of the Philharmonia Orchestra, and the pianist Paul Rhodes have recorded this very interesting programme with a special feel for sonorous beauty. In this regard the slow movements like the Cantilena from the sonata by Poulenc and the “Très lent” from that by Ropartz take on a most tender character. But the two musicians also know well how to capture the light and leaping character of the Finale of the Poulenc sonata and the other lively movements of the programme. The evocative atmospheres of the “Danse pour une déesse” and “L’Enchanteur” by Reynaldo Hahn are absolutely ravishing.

Well supported in this by Paul Rhodes, Kenneth Smith, always very expressive and adapting to the different colours of the pieces, gives to this programme a character which is truly French, in perfect taste and without any excess. The title of the CD could not have been better chosen: this disc is a true enchantment.

—Marcel Louis