Friends of music for woodwinds will be 100% satisfied with an album of ‘divine art’ entitled “Music related to neurodegenerative conditions” by Mendelssohn (Concert Piece No. 1), Strauss (Sonatina No. 1 for wind instruments), John Adams (‘Gnarly Buttons’ for clarinet & orchestra) Kevin Malone (‘The last memory’). The clarinetists Elizabeth Jordan and Lynsey Marsh brought this project to life after their parents died of Parkinson’s disease. Apart from this context, these recordings with the ‘Northern Chamber Orchestra’ under Stephen Barlow seem to us to be particularly interesting musically. They radiate a great deal of temperament and agility. The Strauss sonata thus becomes a slender and vigorously rejuvenated piece without pathos and without the fatigue that sometimes spreads in this work. The composition of John Adams also inspires, because it compels the listener into the bright, flaming excitement of the musical experience.

—Remy Franck