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These ensemble and solo works share an anthropological basis, being, as the composer eloquently expresses it, derived from “the detritus of musical cultures potentially obliterated by ethnic cleansing or styles and genres dismissed as obsolete or commercially unsustainable.” Unmistakable elements of Islamic and ancient Indian Karnatic music are readily detectable in the trilogy Dilok – Delal – Kulamen Dilan, ingeniously transmuted into Finnissy’s unmistakable transcriptive style, which seems to be emerging as one of his great strengths as a composer as more of his considerable output becomes readily available. The two solo oboe works allude to jazz without referring specifically to established works in the genre, apart from the appropriated titles. For the most part, these pieces eschew the more extreme manifestations of the much-mentioned ‘complexicist’ style, exhibiting a relatively approachable aspect of the composer’s musical personality.

—Unnamed reviewer