The Sunday Times

Justin Connolly has never quite achieved the prominence that, 35 years ago, many thought he would. The turning of the tide against the modernist way, rather than any lapse in the quality of his output, saw to that. This disc sets to redress the balance. It contains four substantial and varied chamber pieces, opening with the Sonatina No 2: Ennead for piano, Op 26, written last year. The work is statuesque, and, as with all Connolly, organic. Nicholas Hodges plays it brilliantly. Here and in the other pieces – Nocturnal, Op 33, a marine tribute to the poet Edward Shipley, the solo bass clarinet piece Tesserae F: Domination of Black Op 15f, and the Hölderlin cantata Scardanelli Dreams Op 37, for mezzo and piano – Connolly’s manner is vividly gestural, beautifully coloured, and compellingly fluid.

—Stephen Pettitt