Chamber music sounds with an enigmatic character and tempo are amongst the features of the improvisational spontaneous music created by the quartet of Claire de Brunner (bassoon), the veteran trumpeter, saxophonist and clarinetist Daniel Carter, guitarist Ken Silverman and bassist Tom Zlabinger. The various combinations of two wind instruments (the very unusual alternating combinations of trumpet, bassoon, clarinet and saxophone) and two strings (bass and guitar – Ken Silverman alternating guitar also with hand percussion) are used to create some unusual textures.

In the absence of drums, bassist Tom Zlabinger is responsible for raising the rhythmic backbone along most of the songs included on the recording. Over this substructure Claire de Brunner, Daniel Carter and Ken Silverman weave their improvisations. While at some points these consist of improvised melodic lines weaving their work around the bass, sometimes as in “Totem Dance” the guitarist and saxophonist and bassoonist soloists alternate their work with the components of the rhythm section.

Although the title might suggest the appreciation and enjoyment of the work in general (large-scale, Macroscopy ), it is also a pleasure to focus on the delight of the little details ( Microscopy )

—Pachi Tapiz