York Evening Press

I have received a new CD of studiedly nostalgic music which is a quiet joy, if only for a particular and limited audience. Dedicated to the music of Henry Hall and his BBC Dance Orchestra, Five Fifteen, by Mart Sander and his Swing Swindlers (Divine Art Records) aims to revive Henry Hall`s music in a new state-of-the-art recording. Hit tunes of the day include It`s D`Lovely, Keep Young And Beautiful, Jeepers Creepers and Sleepy Lagoon (spot the long-running radio show theme tune). Five Fifteen was the signature tune of the BBC Dance Orchestra and this album contains transcriptions from the original arrangements, including an authentic violin section alongside the swing band horns and vocalists.

The CD booklet lovingly catalogues the history of BBC swing bands, from Jack Payne, through Ambrose, Billy Cotton, Billy Ternent, Stanley Black and Cyril Stapleton, researched by bandleader Mart Sander. Additional notes are added, by Martin Sacks, violinist/saxophonist/clarinettist with Henry Hall for five years from 1937 and still around to write them.

The Five Fifteen CD provides an interesting link between those who are old enough to remember the BBC Dance Orchestras and those who may be interested to discover the genesis of such bands as the Pasadena Roof Orchestra.

—Ron Burnett